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Hawthorne was incorporated in 1899 and was named after the famous writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne. The top priority for any business should always be ‘quality’ and such is the case with Appliance Repair Fair Hawthorne, NJ. Our friendly local business is well known for providing quality appliance service in the Hawthorne residential community.

We are proud of this reputation, but outstanding appliance repair is made possible because of the many quality components that go together to create the complete customer service process. It all begins with friendly and helpful customer services during the initial contact and does not end until the customer is totally satisfied with the results provided.

Our Passion for Customer Service

The home appliance repair we provide is unique in that we always treat the customer with respect and honesty. Appliance Repair Hawthorne, NJ is dedicated to administering memorable appliance service that defies imagination. Ordinary, common and typical are not words we use to describe our service approach. Our passion for customer service may seem excessive to some, but our customers have shown time and time again how much they appreciate our integral concept. Everyone in our company, from the appliance technician to the owner, believes in treating people the way they would want to be treated.

Quality Replacement Products

A big part of quality customer care revolves around the parts used to replace those that are beyond cost effective repair. We only use outstanding components that we would trust in our own home. Our customers deserve the best and that is exactly what they get when we provide appliance repair service. Any administered repair is only as effective as the product and the appliance service technician that installs it. Our techs are trained to factory standards on all home kitchen and laundry room units.

Our experts love working on washers and dryers. We work on all types and we guarantee professional results. Customers trust their appliance repair in Hawthorne, NJ to the quality specialists at Hawthorne Appliance Repair because they know we do the job right.

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